2020 - 04 - 24
The world welcomes World Malaria Day on 25th April while the entire healthcare communities are grappling with the COVID-19 crisis, reminding other health issues troubling humankind should not be neglected.Malaria ranks No.3 killer in the world, claiming a child’s life every two minutes. Africa is the most malaria-infected area, which accounted for 93% of cases and 94% of deaths in the world based onRef:
2020 - 01 - 01
2019 kicks-off with the opportunity to build your knowledge and help to increase the awareness of the Cervical Cancer. With comprehensive approaches covering prevention, early diagnosis, effective screening and treatment implement in developed countries such as the US, the death rate of cervical cancer has been declined more than 50% in the past 30 years.
2019 - 12 - 01
World AIDS Day was the first-named global health day established in 1988. After years of AIDS control and treatment development, AIDS has become a manageable chronic disease from a death sentence. But the fight is not off, many people in the world do not know how to protect themselves and others when living in AIDS-related conditions, and stigma and discrimination remain a key barrier for stopping people to embark on the fight in the beginning. Hence World AIDS Day each year on 1 December highlights the ongoing needs of public funds, education and prejudice elimination to the public and govern...
2019 - 11 - 01
While November is a grateful month to create thanks and giving moments with families, friends and colleagues, people around the world are also gathering to promote the awareness of stomach cancer, the disease that ranks the 5th most common cancers in the world. In honor of the Stomach Cancer Awareness Month and this Thanksgiving season, Fapon created the Happy Stomach Recipe alongside people’s exciting hunts of Thanksgiving menu. Because other than selecting delicacies to your stomach during November, you should give additional care and observation to your stomach health.  The good n...
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