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Fapon Biotech in Strategic Partnership with Roche Diagnostics

Fapon Biotech Inc. (Fapon Biotech) officially went into strategic partnership with Roche Diagnostics China (Roche Diagnostics) at the 5thChina International Import Expo (CIIE) on 5 November 2022. There will be close cooperation between Fapon Biotech and Roche Diagnostics in raw material products and services, and molecular diagnostics. Based on pooled resources and combined strengths, Fapon Biotech and Roche Diagnostics will together develop and improve one-stop solutions to meet local needs, and speed up R&D and translation of research results, promoting constant innovation in the China IVD industry.

(Roche Diagnostics–Fapon Biotech Strategic Partnership Signing Ceremony)

Fapon Biotech and Roche Diagnostics will collaborate on expanding lines of business along the industrial chain to meet local needs. With new business models, the two companies will jointly provide raw material solutions of higher quality and with increased diversity. The strategic partnership will surely help satisfy the changeable and customized market needs, and therefore stimulate constant innovation in in vitro diagnostics.

Cooperative Efforts of Innovation

With extensive resources and R&D experience gained worldwide over the past two decades, Fapon Biotech is now a key player in the China IVD market—a leading upstream company in the China life sciences industry and in the global IVD industry. With our platform-based ecosystem, we are one of the pioneers to offer IVD solutions combining raw materials, reagents and instruments. Our raw materials, in various categories more than others, have the largest market shares in China. We are also one of the few Chinese companies to penetrate high-end IVD markets in Europe, America and Japan. Our sales networks are present in 61 countries and regions across Europe, Americas, Asia, Oceania and Africa, connecting more than 1,500 business partners.

“At Fapon Biotech, we have been dedicated to IVD since we started two decades ago”, said Ben HE, the President of Fapon Biotech, at the signing ceremony, “we have striven to provide products and services of higher quality, and collaborated with business partners on ecosystem development through continuous innovation in technologies and platforms. The combined strengths from the strategic partnership with Roche Diagnostics make it possible to launch innovative and more accessible solutions of precision medicine. We wish to help build a better world.”