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Fapon Biotech Inc.

Fapon Biotech Inc., founded in 2001, adheres to the mission of “Enable Disease Identification Earlier, More Accurate, Convenient and Affordable”, while focusing on the future needs and trends of biotechnology development, and committed to providing global diagnostic companies with high-performance IVD reagent raw materials, such as antigens, antibodies, and enzymes, as well as reagent solutions and innovative open instrument platforms. Our products and services are highly integrated, promoting synergic resources and shared-values to the industry, making the developments of diagnostic technologies benefiting more people, advancing the cause of human health.

Future Outlook

Fapon Biotech will make every effort to fulfil the mission to "Enable Disease Identification Earlier, More Accurate, Convenient and Affordable", committed to providing better products and services to users with the focus on the needs and trends of biotechnology. Fapon Biotech will improve medical efficiency, reduce medical costs, eventually shift the industrial focus from treatment to prevention and build a three-dimensional diagnosis and treatment system. Upon the realization of this long-term value proposition of humankind, Fapon Biotech will become a great and respectable biotechnology organization in the world.