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    With the Fapon IVD Ecosystem, we offer standard and customized portfolios of core raw materials, open instruments, reagent solutions, OEM and CDMO services, helping business partners develop products efficiently and break into the market.
  • Strengths

    Our insights into the industry allow us to pool resources in order to streamline innovation for business partners. We offer a standard and customized portfolio of core raw materials, open instruments, reagent solutions and CDMO/CXO services, helping sales partners to transform into manufacturers of IVD products.
Ecosystem Empowerment
You are
  • A channel partner
  • A reagent partner
You are a channel partner (distributor, dealer, etc. without experience in manufacturing)
If you are faced with
  • Low profits:
    Tight profit margins in the pricing dilemma
  • Fiece competition:
    Lack of competitive products and technologies, leading to homogeneity
  • Unheard voice:
    High costs, few choices and delayed support
We can offer you
  • Open CLIA instruments
  • Reagent solutions
  • Technical support
  • Quality management
  • Registration
  • Manufacturing
Core raw materials, reagent solutions and open instrument platforms
Registration Support
Preparation of all materials needed for registration
Comprehensive services from product development through manufacturing
Technical Support
Excellent and efficient services offered by experienced engineers
Research Support
Professional expertise in product development
After-Sales Support
A wide service network that provides real-time response, online or offline technical support, and help with any other problem

Mode of Cooperation

We empower channel partners to improve their abilities in product development and manufacturing, operations (local and global) and field service.

1 Transformation

2 Market penetration

You are a reagent partner
If you are faced with
  • Delayed product launch:
    Lengthy R&D cycles and high costs of innovation on closed platforms
  • High barriers to entry:
    Long time for return on investment with a single instrument or reagent
  • Product instability:
    Limited technologies to update products to meet customer needs
We can offer you
  • Core raw materials
  • Reagent solutions
  • Open instruments
  • Competitive portfolios
Standard instruments for wide application Registration support for different models and brands Help from technical consultants
Reagent solutions: A diversified portfolio; Verification service: Help with compatibility with instruments and consumables, and verification tests; CDMO: Comprehensive services from product development through manufacturing; Access to channels
Raw materials
Supply or development of products
Help with market penetration worldwide based on our direct experience in local markets

Mode of Cooperation

We offer one-stop solutions integrating open instrument platforms, reagent solutions and core raw materials to manufacturers in the midstream of the industry.
As of December 2022, our open CLIA instrument platforms has connected over 180 partners, offered over 1100 patented compatible reagents, had over 540 reagents in the pipeline, and sold over 3,000 instruments. Meanwhile, we have built cooperative partnerships with many reagent companies.
To fulfill our mission to build a better, healthier world, we have taken a people-oriented and technology-empowering approach to global business cooperation for the past two decades. With competitive portfolios and various channels pooled on both sides, we develop global markets with our business partners.
  • 180+


  • 1100+

    Patented reagents

  • 540+

    Reagents in the pipeline

  • 3000+

    Applications of instruments

Fapon Biotech in Strategic Partnership with Roche Diagnostics
Fapon Biotech Inc. officially went into strategic partnership with Roche Diagnostics China (Roche Diagnostics) at the 5thChina International Import Expo (CIIE) on 5 November 2022. There will be close cooperation between Fapon Biotech and Roche Diagnostics in raw material products and services, and molecular diagnostics. Based on pooled resources and combined strengths, Fapon Biotech and Roche Diagnostics will together develop and improve one-stop solutions to meet local needs, and speed up R&D and translation of research results, promoting constant innovation in the China IVD industry.
Fapon Biotech's Full Acquisition of Sequlite, Expands Its Strategic Presence in High-Throughput NGS
Fapon Biotech Inc. is pleased to announce its full acquisition of Sequlite Genomics ("Sequlite"), a USA enterprise that focuses on Next-Generation Sequencing (“NGS”). The two parties have signed a share purchase agreement online, with the Fapon Biotech team in Dongguan headquarter and Sequlite team in the USA. After the agreement, with a previous investment of 40% share in Sequlite, Fapon Biotech owns 100% Sequlite now. The Company takes over and manages Sequlite in all aspects of product research and development and business operation, further deepening its strategic presence in the global NGS business.