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Fapon Biotech Inc., founded in 2001, adheres to the mission of “Empowering Timely, Accurate and Affordable Diagnosis for All”, while focusing on the future needs and trends of biotechnology development, and committed to providing global diagnostic companies with high-performance IVD reagent raw materials, such as antigens, antibodies, and enzymes, as well as reagent solutions and innovative open instrument platforms. Our products and services are highly integrated, promoting synergic resources and shared-values to the industry, making the developments of diagnostic technologies benefiting more people, advancing the cause of human health.

Co-creator of Diagnostic Ecosystem


Over 22 years of industry experience


Over 100000m² industry base


Over 1400 products


Over 2500 global business partners


Empowering Timely, Accurate and Affordable Diagnosis for All.


Foresee and Prepare for What Future Demands

The biotechnology industry is changing and iterating rapidly. To create a bright future, we must gain insights into changes, product long-term value propositions of the society and users, embrace the sense of crisis awareness, prepare and respond to changes proactively.

Give Customers the First Priority

Users refer to our customers and the patients and medical practitioners they serve. Our products, solutions, and services must meet the needs of users.

Think with A Collaborative Mind

Our organization is managed to provide vital prerequisites for achieving team goals and objectives. We transform personal wisdom into team wisdom, dare to take responsibilities, make contributions, and get inspiration via teamwork.

Act Nimbly and Efficiently

We believe high efficiency is the result of agility. We are sensitive to markets and opportunities, promote efficient trials and iteration. We work based on the importance and urgency of tasks, dare to try and pursue innovation, aim to deliver the best results within the project lead time.

Work Hard and Actively

Have a positive attitude in challenges and make relentless efforts. We defined goals, maintain a sense of responsibility,devote more time and always go the extra miles for achievements beyond standards.

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One-Stop Solutions

Experienced, multi-disciplinary R&D and production teams, launch platform-based one-stop solutions in an innovative way to help IVD companies enter various market subdivisions.

Featured Product

CLIA One-Stop Solution


Innovative Design
Incubation, washing and detection all-in-one
Small size ≤38 kg, ideal for different settings
50+ patented technologies, 100% self-developed

User Friendly
Color touchscreen interface, simple and convenient to use
All consumable loading is performed upon user’s request in the control panel

Flexible and High-Quality
Batch/random/STAT mode available
Same reagents and consumables used across the entire Shine series analyzers
Production in accordance with industry standards and regulations

Featured Product

Immunoturbidimetric Reagent Development Solution


OEM service
Customized development for various parameter portfolio
· Jointly development of new projects
· Strategic cooperation in target markets

Service Features
Applicable to use in an extensive range of technological platforms
· Semi/Automatic Biochemistry Analyzers
· Specific Protein Analyzer
· Dry Chemistry
Flexible multi-parameter customizable to achieve single/multi-point calibrations
High reaction rate reaching 2.5 to 10min per test
Techniques to scale up for mass production

IVD Reagent Raw Materials

Provide High-Quality Raw Materials Upon The Utilization of Various Bioengineering Technologies

Global Market

Co-creator of Diagnostic Ecosystem

More than 2500 Customers Worldwide



20 Geographic Areas



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