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  • Fapon Biotech’s now launching an upgraded version of the MPXV rapid PCR solution ——More products. Better accuracy.

    As one of the global suppliers of in vitro diagnostics core raw materials and reagent solutions, Fapon Biotech is committed to assisting global IVD partners to promote the development and launch of MPXV-related detection products. An upgraded version of the monkeypox virus nucleic acid rapid PCR detection solution is now launched to help the efficient on-site identification of monkeypox virus infection and control the input and spread of the virus at the first time.
  • Fapon Biotech’s Splendid Appearance in Medical Fair India with Its Innovative IVD Solutions

    Fapon Biotech is pleased to announce its attendance in the 27th edition of Medical Fair India, which is held from 20th - 22nd May 2022 at Jio world Convention Centre (JWCC), Mumbai. Fapon Biotech’s booth locates at M02. Fapon Biotech has brought about its core raw materials, reagent solutions and open instrument platforms to Indian market. But more than that, the Company aims to empower local enterprises with its customized one-stop solutions in IVD industry.
  • Fapon Biotech Exhibited at Hospitalar2022 Bringing Innovative IVD Solutions

    Fapon Biotech has attended 27th edition of Hospitalar, the leading healthcare industry trade show in Latin America, which is held from 17th to 20th May at São Paulo Expo, Brazil. Up until 20th May, Fapon Biotech is showcasing its featured products at booth J-41 and looking to strike deals with more partners in Brazil, in line with its slogan of “Your Empowering Partner of Timely, Accurate and Affordable Diagnosis Solutions”.
  • Any New Way to Track Omicron Besides the Sequencing?

    Facing the potential high transmissibility, it is quite urgent to implement mass screening in fast and accurate way to avoid “hyperlocal outbreaks”, while rapid antigen test is considered indispensable and effective. Obviously, there's urgent need to rather ramp up sequencing capability or figuring out a rapid way to identify Omicron variant for improving the situation. The new screening scheme with lower cost and higher efficiency is an essential topic especially for the developing countries.
  • Fapon Biotech Races to Introduce Omicron Neutralizing Antibodies Titer Testing Solution

    Given Omicron's potential higher rate of transmissibility, Fapon Biotech has mobilized resources to accelerate evaluation on the immune evasiveness and vaccine effectiveness on Omicron variant, therefore successfully introduced SARS-CoV-2 Omicron Variant Neutralizing Antibody Titer Testing Solution (ELISA) to effectively screen the immune system evaluation of vaccines.
  • Fapon Biotech COVID-19 Testing Raw Materials Experimentally Proved to Be Effective on Omicron Variant Detection

    Fapon Biotech has used its antibody pairs for COVID-19 antigen test to conduct an assessment and verification on key variants recommended by WHO. The experiment report accurately results that the antibody pairs promoted by Fapon Biotech can effectively detect the recombinant N protein antigens on the mutant strains, and the data showed consistence with the wild type detection results. It proves that Fapon Biotech raw materials are not affected by the targeted Omicron variant and other mainstream variants.
  • Fapon Biotech’s Splendid Appearance on MEDICA 2021

    During 15th -18th November, another year of MEDICA 2021 is taking place in Germany as scheduled. Over 50 years, MEDICA has been a leading international trade fair and attracted thousands of exhibitor companies from more than 50 countries to participate every year. As a global leading provider of excellent IVD reagent raw materials and customized solutions, Fapon Biotech is pleased to present its completed COVID-19 testing one-stop solutions and other innovative IVD products at the exhibition stand of Hall3-A81.
  • Fapon Biotech's Full Acquisition of Sequlite, Expands Its Strategic Presence in High-Throughput NGS

    Fapon Biotech is pleased to announce its full acquisition of Sequlite Genomics, a USA enterprise that focuses on Next-Generation Sequencing (“NGS”). After the share purchase agreement, with a previous investment of 40% share in Sequlite, Fapon Biotech owns 100% Sequlite now. Fapon Biotech takes over and manages Sequlite in all aspects of product research and development and business operation, further deepening its strategic presence in the global NGS business.