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PCR Raw Materials and Reagent for MPX DNA Detection

Fapon Biotech's Quality Raw Materials for MPX DNA Detection

Product type

Product name

Cat. No.


Viral nucleic acid extraction reagent

Virus extraction reagent



Highly purified template and less non-specific amplification

Viral DNA/RNA Rapid Extraction Reagent (Magnetic Beads Method)



<15 min fast extraction

PCR reaction mix

Anstart Master PCR Mix


Monoclonal antibody -modified hot-start enzyme;

Contains UDG enzyme, anti-pollution

Hotstart HiTaq Master Mix


Hot-start enzymes containing chemical group modifications;

Contains UDG enzyme, anti-pollution

AK Taq DNA Polymerase


Antibody-modified hot-start enzyme, suitable for rapid amplification of DNA templates;

Contains UDG enzyme, anti-pollution

DNA polymerase

Anstart Taq DNA Polymerase


Monoclonal antibody-modified hot-start enzyme

Anstart Taq II DNA Polymerase


Upgraded version with improved proto-enzyme, compared with MD006

Hotstart HiTaq DNA Polymerase


Chemically modified hot-start enzymes

AK Taq DNA Polymerase


Rapid amplification of DNA templates, strong anti-contamination ability

Heat-labile UDG enzyme

Uracil-DNA Glycosylase


Degrades non-specific amplification products

Fapon Biotech's MPX Virus Fast PCR Reagent

Order Information

Product Name



Monkeypox Virus Fast PCR Reagent (PCR-Fluorescent probe method)

100 tests/package


Magnetic beads Virus DNA/RNA Rapid extraction Reagent

96 tests/bottle


Magnetic beads Virus DNA/RNA Rapid extraction Reagent

800 tests/bottle


Nucleic Acid Extraction Kit

48 tests/package


Nucleic Acid Extraction Kit

96 tests/package


Data Display

1. Sensitivity determination

Method: The monkeypox rapid detection reagent (Cat#MDE015) was used, and the plasmids with monkeypox virus loads of 2500 copies, 5000 copies and 10000 copies were used as samples, and two replicate wells were set in each group.

Results: The sample with a minimum detectable 50 copies/rxn (Ct value set at 37 based on China CDC guideline). The baseline is stable, NTC displays a horizontal line, all showing good sensitivity and specificity of the detection reagent.

2. Linearity test

Experimental method: Use the monkeypox rapid detection reagent (Cat#MDE015), take the plasmids with monkeypox virus load of 10^4 copies, 10^5 copies, 10^6 copies and 10^7 copies as samples. Duplicate wells are set for each assay.

Experimental results: Monkeypox virus of 100~10000 copies/rxn can be detected with good repeatability between parallel wells.s

About Fapon Biotech’ s molecular diagnostics division

Fapon Biotech established fluorescence quantitative PCR detection platform since 2009, followed by next generation sequencing platform.

10- year experience of development

10+ years of development has made us a major raw material supplier with scaled-up provision of polymerase, reverse transcriptase, buffer solutions, and other necessary ingredients for the application of PCR and sequencing technology.

MDx semi-finished reagents for various applications

Besides raw materials, we are able to develop, validate, and produce MDx semi-finished reagents in the process of template preparation and genetic detection of various pathogens that cause tropical diseases (Malaria, Dengue, and Zika), respiratory infections (including SARS-CoV-2 variants), hepatitis C as well as HPV infection.

One-stop PCR solution

Apart form raw materials, semi-finished reagents, we also provide our clients with fast real-time PCR instrument in our one-stop PCR solution strategy.