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Achieving your occupation career, superior talent mechanism

and excellent salary and welfare

Fapon Biotech will be better because of you

Join us, as long as you have the learning power and creativity, FAPON will be the high quality runway where your career and dream can take off, and your full potential can be realized. We look forward to working with you to the achievement of personal dreams and a better healthcare for all.

We Are Different

As a platform of energy, health and wisdom, we are fighters who love life, hardworking, and ambitious.

Here, we respect individuality, creativity and provide the stage for the growth of our employees. We advocate sincere and straightforward interpersonal relationships, encourage innovation, a fair and healthy competition environment. We have been improving our talent training system to train and help you to grow. We expect you to fight alongside us, reach your potential and enjoy your career.

Employees are the wealth of the company

Fapon Biotech attaches great importance to the personal growth and career development of every employee. We provide diverse training models and a stage for exerting your abilities, giving you more opportunities to pursue future development.
  • Fapon Academy
    We are committed to the personal development of each employee. We have yearlong training programs with various courses, which will enhance the competitiveness of employees in the workplace.
  • Tutorial System
    A tutor is arranged for every new employee and will guide he/her through the orientation period by the sharing of various aspects, such as company knowledge, workflow, job skills, to help them adapt to the new environment.
  • Job Promotion
    Sound and fair promotion policies and procedures and a clear career development path to help you implement your career development plan.
  • Excellent Career Development Platform
    We have a great recruitment system and internal talents development system, which offers our employees many development opportunities. We provide a multi-channel career development platform, which includes recruitment from internal, job transfer and employee referral program.


We provide competitive salary packages and various benefits so that every employee can work with us without worries.
  • 6+1

    We purchase social insurances (pension, medical care, work injury, unemployment and maternity) and commercial insurance, and pay the housing provident fund contributions for employees.

  • Paid Annual Leave

    In addition to statutory holidays, employees are entitled to 5-15 days of paid annual leave per year based on their length of service.

  • Housing Subsidies

    Monthly housing subsidies are provided, and h and employees can also apply for government-subsidized accommodations.

  • Birthday Benefit

    Birthday party and birthday gift.

  • Annual Health Assessment

    Annual Health Assessment

  • Shuttle Bus

    Free shuttle bus services for multiple lines are available in Shenzhen and Dongguan.

  • Annual Health Assessment

    Provide travel fund to encourage employees to travel at least once every year.

  • Canteen

    This exclusive restaurant serves breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as fruits and snacks.

  • Clubs

    Football, basketball, badminton, photography, baking, yoga and more.

  • Parental Leave

    Parents should not absent from important moments With children. Employees can enjoy paid leave during the children’s exam period.Exam refers to the Senior Entrance Exam and College Entrance Exam.

  • Children's Day

    Provide travel fund to encourage employees to travel at least once every year.

  • Holiday Benefit

    For every major holiday, FAPON will prepare thoughtful holiday gifts for employees.

  • Maternal Benefit

    Bonus for employees who gave birth.

  • Gym

    The company gym is open 24/7, fitness equipment is free to use, and professional fitness instructors are also available (make appointments beforehand).

  • Cafe

    You can enjoy coffee from professional baristas in a cosy and laid-back environment.


Let's Grow Together With Fapon Biotech

Moments, stories, and ideas we shared and created will pass down to generations of Fapon Employees, marking our DNA, cultures and beliefs.