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Innovative R&D

Fapon Biotech places great importance to independent R&D, making continuous breakthroughs and iteration. We have world-class R&D and application platforms, rich experiences in reagent material labeling, matching and screening, reagent development debugging and performance optimization, with an excellent technology development process implement to meet customer needs precisely.


Based on the industry trends and technology accumulation, Fapon launched a series of one-stop solutions, including CLIA, Immunoturbidimety Assay Development and Molecular diagnosis. Flexible cooperation models are offered to meet the needs of different application scenarios, for instance, instrument platforms, reagent, and raw material services.

Chemiluminescence Platform

Fapon Biotech took the lead in launching platform-based one-stop solutions that feature the innovative "instrument + reagent + raw material" service. The CLIA One-Stop Solution is created by a capable R&D team with rich industry experience, aimed to assist the R&D and product departments of IVD manufacturers in areas as market demand analysis, product services, registration, channel construction, etc.

Eukaryotic Recombinant Expression Platform

The platform covers a variety of technologies, such as cell fermentation, mammalian cell expression of recombinant antibodies/antigens, and protein analysis. Our industry-leading hybridoma cell fermentation technology utilizes the serum-free culture technology, optimizes the culture conditions for different strains through DOE, featuring high stability, high antibody purity, high consistency, and no animal-related ethical issues.


Based on the mammalian cell expression system, Fapon produces recombinant antibodies/antigens by domesticating CHO cells through expression plasmid and selecting stable high-yield cell lines, which has become the key to the company's future layout. Antibodies produced by this technology can achieve genetic optimization and modification, higher expression level, larger batch, higher production stability, higher consistency, and higher purity. The activity, specificity and thermal stability of some products are better than those antibodies produced with traditional methods.


Antibodies produced by this technology platform not only have the advantages of conventional technologies but also avoids their disadvantages, enabling the production of monoclonal antibodies to be characterized by automatic operation, high-efficiency separation and purification, and economical procedures. Meanwhile, genetic recombination technology also allows our antibodies to meet the research needs of different disciplines and various market needs, representing the development direction of monoclonal antibodies in the future.


Continuous Innovation & Value Creation

Troponin Preservation Agents & Compositions

Recombinant Antigen of Dengue Virus Manufacturing Method & Application

HCV Antibody Kit Manufacturing Method

HIV Recombinant Antigen & Its Fusion Protein

Mutanted Taq Enzyme

Silver Award of China Patent Award

National High-Tech Organization

Vice-Chairman Unit of the Professional Committee of Testing Equipment Raw Materials and Components of China Medical Device Industry Association

TP Recombinant Antigen Manufacturering & Application