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Fapon Biotech Joins Stanford University Healthcare Innovation Lab Affiliates Program

Fapon Biotech, a global leading IVD enterprise, has signed an agreement with Stanford University to become an industry member of the Stanford University Healthcare Innovation Lab (HIL) Affiliates Program. This membership will provide Fapon Biotech with cutting-edge scientific insights and further opportunities in precision medicine.

The Stanford Healthcare Innovation Lab brings together the world’s leading researchers to incubate cutting edge science that translates into real-world applications. This affiliate program will accelerate the work in Healthcare Big Data & Precision Medicine while providing exclusive insights and opportunities to its members for advancements in healthcare. Under the scientific direction of Dr. Michael Snyder, the Stanford W. Ascherman Professor and Chair of the Genetics Department at Stanford Medicine, the Stanford Healthcare Innovation Lab is changing the landscape of infectious disease, diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular disease, aging, mental health, precision diagnostics, cloud computing, multi-omics data standardization, real-time health monitoring, AI/ML, and more. Dr. Snyder, who will serve as the liaison with Fapon Biotech, has developed many cutting-edge technologies, co-founded companies with >$6B market capital, and pioneered the longitudinal, baseline profiling approach to measure every molecule and aspect of human health.

On July 2023, Dr. Michael Snyder hosted a visit of Ben He, President of Fapon Biotech and Jilun Zhu, CFO & CIO of Fapon at the Stanford University Healthcare Innovation Lab. The parties have well-aligned interest in the future of medicine and healthcare, which will set a great foundation for further in-depth collaborations. Leveraging on leading healthcare technologies and industrial expertise from Stanford University, Fapon Biotech aims to contribute to the advancement of healthcare research and diagnostics innovation.

As a member of the Stanford HIL affiliate program, Fapon Biotech will be at the forefront of the lab’s latest research, engage with respective innovation lab experts, and meet early startups with the potential to increase Fapon’s global influence. In addition, Fapon Biotech has been invited to join Stanford HIL for the Mental Healthcare Innovations Summit in November – an event launched last year that brings together leaders across the mental health field in research, health insurance, government, policy, advocacy, nonprofits, philanthropy, and entrepreneurship to discuss the latest research, innovations advancing care, and policy implementation.