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Fapon COVID-19 Global Donation, 1 Million PCR Diagnostic Products Free of Use

On 28th February, the World Health Organization (WHO) escalated the COVID-19 risk assessment from 'high' to 'very high' as infected cases continue to increase significantly around the world, particularly in Asia, Europe and the Middle East. 


As a leading IVD organization in China, Fapon took the lead to donate 2 million tests of high-quality one-step RT-PCR mix for the domestic development and production of COVID-19 PCR test kit and thereby ensuring a stable and sufficient supply in CDC, Hospitals, ICLs, etc.


In continuing to pursue the corporate mission——Improve Human Health and Advance Human Development to the world, Fapon officially kicks-off the Global COVID-19 Action by offering 1 million free COVID-19 PCR diagnostic tests globally.

In-Kind Donation, 1 Million PCR Diagnostic Tests

Countries around the world are facing unique and acute challenges to develop and produce COVID-19 PCR test kits in a short period of time, on the contrary, the outbreak in China had confirmed to be peaked by WHO.


As one of the key PCR solution suppliers in China, our products have been validated & used in CDC, Hospitals, ICLs via the networks of downstream reagent manufacturers in China. Fapon wishes to offer products and technical supports to IVD partners who are working in the fight of COVID-19. Please see the following donation details:

Millions of Fapon Diagnostic Tests Had Been Used in CDC, Hospitals, ICLs

Fapon’s actions against COVID-19 in China had created a huge wave in the industry. Many IVD companies have responded to the call and cooperated with Fapon in reagent development and production. Positive feedbacks were given to Fapon PCR Solution by industry partners after conducting validation using a large number of samples.


To date, numerous IVD companies working in the field of PCR had chosen Fapon COVID-19 products for research and production. And millions of Fapon diagnostic products had been used in CDC, Hospitals, ICLs via the networks of downstream reagent manufacturers. Fapon PCR Solution not only drove the reagent development of the IVD industry, but also relieved the supply shortage of reagent.


Fapon is proud of its contributions and endeavors made to fight against the outbreak. It is an honor to be shouldering the social responsibility in driving the diagnostic kit development of COVID-19. Fapon is committed to giving unremitting efforts to the COVID-19 battle around the world.

About Fapon

Fapon is a global leading IVD raw materials & one-stop solutions company founded in 2001. As one of the top IVD companies in Asia, Fapon serves some of the multi-nation leading diagnostic companies with 700+ partnerships worldwide.


Fapon offers an unmatched product combination of reagent raw materials and IVD one-stop solutions. It has 700+ reagent raw materials available for the application of Rapid Test, ELISA, CLIA, CMIA, Molecular Diagnostics, Biochemistry. Plus the solutions for POCT, CLIA, Immunoturbidimetry, DNA Library Preparation that provide reagent and analyzer services, Fapon can satisfy customers’ needs in different application scenarios.