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Fapon Biotech COVID-19 Testing Raw Materials Experimentally Proved to Be Effective on Omicron Variant Detection

According to the newly reported cases, Omicron variants has spread rapidly in over 25 countries around the world in short time. WHO warned that the Omicron variant firstly emerged in southern Africa poses a high risk of infection surges around the globe.

As a mainstream COVID-19 testing raw materials supplier in the world, Fapon Biotech has paid close attention to the evolution of mutant strains. Lately, the Company has experimentally proved that its antibody raw materials can Effectively detect Omicron variant.

Currently, the COVID-19 antigen detection kits mainly target N proteins (neucleoprotein), therefore the mutations in N proteins may affect the accuracy of existing antigen detection reagents. With regards to this, Fapon Biotech has used its antibody pairs for COVID-19 antigen test to conduct an assessment and verification on key variants recommended by WHO. The experiment report accurately results that the antibody pairs promoted by Fapon Biotech can effectively detect the recombinant N protein antigens on the mutant strains, and the data showed consistence with the wild type detection results. It proves that Fapon Biotech raw materials are not affected by the targeted Omicron variant and other mainstream variants.

Fapon Biotech analyzed the mutation sites of N protein and their proportion according to the coronavirus sequences released by the GISAID database, and developed full-length N protein recombinant antigens corresponding to VOC(Variants of Concern) and other mutant strains. The testing variants includes Omicron (B.1.1.529), Alpha(B.1.1.7+Q.x), Beta(B.1.351+B.1.351.2+B.1.351.3), Gamma(P.1+P.1.x), Delta(B.1.617.2+AY.x), Lambda(C.37+C.37.1), Mu(B.1.621+B.1.621.1) and VUM B.1.640.

With the mission of “Enable Disease Identification Earlier, More Accurate, Convenient and Affordable”, Fapon Biotech is devoted to providing high quality COVID-19 testing raw materials that ensure effective detection on full coverage of mainstream coronavirus mutant strains, with high performance of specificity and sensitivity. Fapon Biotech is well prepared to increase its production of raw materials and provide completed one-stop solutions on demand, as we never stop tracking any of new variants and fighting COVID-19 pandemic together with the world.