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Fapon Biotech’s now launching an upgraded version of the MPXV rapid PCR solution ——More products. Better accuracy.

(Dongguan, China, June 29th, 2022) Monkeypox outbreak now in Asia! There have been confirmed cases of monkeypox in Singapore, South Korea and Taiwan Province. On 25th June, the World Health Organization (WHO) stated that it is necessary to strengthen the control of the epidemic to prevent it from spreading further. Undoubtedly, finding potential cases, breaking the chain of transmission, and curbing the spread of the epidemic have become the top priorities of the global monkeypox epidemic prevention and control. The WHO and the China CDC have issued testing guidelines, pointing out that PCR method can specifically and rapidly detect monkeypox virus (MPXV) DNA, and is a good tool for early identification and rapid identification of monkeypox.

As one of the global suppliers of in vitro diagnostics core raw materials and reagent solutions, Fapon Biotech is committed to assisting global IVD partners to promote the development and launch of MPXV-related detection products. An upgraded version of the monkeypox virus nucleic acid rapid PCR detection solution is now launched to help the efficient on-site identification of monkeypox virus infection and control the input and spread of the virus at the first time.

MPXV detection solution:

We provide a complete solution covering rapid enzyme raw materials + nucleic acid extraction reagents/equipment + virus gene amplification reagents, pursuing fast, accurate, and efficient MPXV gene detection.

Testing scheme example:

A. Magnetic beads Virus DNA/RNA Rapid extraction Kit + P810 Real-Time Fluorescence Quantitative PCR Instrument + Full-mixed Lyophilized Reagent

B. Magnetic beads Virus DNA/RNA Rapid extraction Kit + SLAN-96P + Full-mixed Lyophilized Reagent

Performance of MPXV detection reagent:


MPXV Generic qPCR Assay #RK1021


48/96 tests/kit



Lyophilized (8-stripped tube)

Compatible platform

P810 and classic PCR platforms such as ABI 7500, LightCycler 480, SLAN-96P…


100~250 copies/mL


~15 min on P810;~45 min on ABI 7500

Related products:


Product name


Fast nucleic acid extraction solution

Magnetic beads Virus DNA/RNA Rapid extraction Kit


Fast template preparation within 9.5~13 min

Automatic Extraction Platform


Compatible with our rapid extraction kits.

Available with flexible throughputs.

Process sample volume 20~1000µL.

Fast PCR detection solution

UltraFast Start DNA Polymerase


Efficient & robust DNA polymerase for fast cycling.

MPXV Nucleic Acid Universal Detection Reagent

Dual-copy gene targeted.

Limit of detection as low as 100 copies/mL.

Flexible to provide full mix in liquid or freeze-dried form.

MPXV Nucleic Acid Genotyping Reagent

MPXV Nucleic Acid Universal Detection /Genotyping Reagent & VZV Nucleic Acid Detection Reagent

Real-time Fluorescence Quantitative PCR Instrument


As fast as 8 min to run 40 cycles.

Low throughput to satisfy on-demand testing.

No calibration needed. Operations have never been easier.