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Multinational Consulates Visited Fapon Biotech to Exchange COVID-19 Anti-Epandemic Experience

(Dongguan, China, March 25, 2021) Fapon Biotech welcomed the visit of over forty consulates from different countries, representatives of mainstream international and national media, and government officials to exchange COVID-19 anti-epidemic experience. A group of over eighty guests travelled to Fapon Biotech on Tuesday morning for a tour covering multiple engaging activities.

The event was organized by the Foreign Affairs Office of Guangdong Province to promote communications and cooperations with organizations overseas in the post-epidemic era. Fapon Biotech was invited honourably by the government in being the primary representative of other Chinese IVD organizations in the event.

As a leading supplier of IVD raw materials and one-stop solutions, Fapon Biotech has made significant contributions during the pandemic. With a strong network of over 1000 IVD reagent manufacturers worldwide, Fapon Biotech's COVID-19 reagent raw materials and one-stop solutions not only alleviate the supply chain disruptions during the initial outbreak but also accelerated the progress of diagnostic reagent kits.

During the visit, the CEO of Fapon Biotech, Ben He, gave the welcome speech at which he provided a broad introduction of the company, highlighting the vital role of Fapon Biotech's R&D capability in the joint actions with the Chinese government and international IVD partners. As he further elaborated, "We have kept a close eye on the pandemic development since the outbreak. To support disease control in the post-epidemic era, we have launched reagent raw materials for neutralizing antibody test and antigen test of self-testing. Fapon Biotech is pleased to share the experience of COVID-19 and hope to join forces with global IVD partners in winning the COVID-19 battle".

Followed by Mr Frank Chen, the Director of International Sales who shared the key events of Fapon Biotech’s significant contributions during the fight of COVID-19.

A unique product demonstration section was followed and presented by the R&D personnel to showcase the application of Fapon Biotech products in the COVID-19 diagnostic test and how it could ease the pressure of the global healthcare system.

In the last section of the laboratory tour, the International Sales Team introduced the major technology platforms and the procedure of R&D, production and quality control to visitors, explaining how the Fapon Biotech operation model could match the different needs of worldwide IVD reagent manufacturers.

The event had brought a sincere interest from the consulates to Fapon Biotech in terms of business cooperation. A high recognition was also received for the company's contributions and unremitting efforts made during the COVID-19. Led by the company mission, Enabling Disease Identification Earlier, More Accurate, Convenient and Affordable, Fapon Biotech will continue turning its R&D capability into diagnostic weapons required for defeating the COVID-19 pandemic.