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Effective in Detection, Fapon Biotech Antibodies to COVID-19 Mainstream Variants, Test Kit Verification Service Available

Fapon Biotech is pleased to confirm the effective detection of its COVID-19 antibodies to the mainstream variants, B.1.1.7(also known as SARS-CoV-2 VUI 202012/01) and B.1.351 (known as 501Y.V2) after implemented evaluation using recombinant NP antigens.

The evaluations showed the same reaction to wild-type strains, confirming the effective detection to COVID-19 variants and wild-type strains with no omission in test results.


Fapon Biotech has a strong position in the fight of COVID-19. Its antibody pairs have the best-in-class specificity, which had been widely used by global reagent manufacturers to manufacture hundreds of millions of antigen test kits.

Studies and monitoring of COVID-19 had been deployed intensively by healthcare official authorities. To support these programs, Fapon Biotech leverages on the abilities of variant strain detection, launches service to help the verification of detection efficacy of B.1.1.7 & B.1.351 variants in test kits. IVD Reagent Manufacturers are welcome to contact market@fapon.com for the sign up of test kit verification service.

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